Saturday, 16 August 2008

raft racing...

a belated birthday party to celebrate Alfie's 5th birthday. An afternoon of lunch, making rafts and then racing them along a beautiful small river.

Our rafts were made by lashing together sticks with string. We then designed the sails and attached them to the rafts with a mast {another stick} and a bit of plasticine. I had imagined we would release the rafts and watch them gently float down the river from the riverbank - the boys had other ideas - wading through the river pushing their rafts along (and so competitive!). They were soaked through and covered in mud - which in most cases equals happiness to most five year old boys!

I made some chocolate and courgette muffins as birthday cakes too with little lego men sat on rafts on top, which seemed to go down very well!

1 comment:

  1. best birthday event ever. That wee river looks perfect.


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