Wednesday, 6 August 2008

children need playtime - not re-wired brains...

In September {2008} the early years foundation stage is going to become compulsory in UK schools. Children as young as 22 months potentially will be shown how to use a computer as part of the literacy and numeracy requirements.

The Lancet, Harvard Medical School and others report on the physiological and cognitive harm done to the young brain by screen viewing itself, regardless of the content. Prolonged viewing stunts the frontal lobe and rewires the growing brain shortening the attention span, leading to ADHD and learning difficulties.

Gabriel Millar, founder of Open Eye says "Young children do not need to be imobilised in front of screens - they need to move, run and climb. Young children need songs, stories, nature and vast amounts of playtime."

I didn't learn to use a computer until I went to university {I now use it everyday!} and I certainly didn't miss out on anything!


  1. my son Finn is intrigued by the computer and some of his 4 year old friends play games. Nope- not here. I am keeping him from it as long as possible!

  2. i've been thinking about this very subject lately myself, Emma. I have children with a pre-disposition to tourette syndrome + adhd, OCD, etc. I'm guilty of the screen time, but have been curbing and cutting it dramatically, merely by adding more outdoor family activities. You know what? My kids don't mention or miss it AT ALL. We are working on re-wiring their brains in a positive way, through music and the outdoor air.

    I always find myself nodding in agreement with your posts. Thank you.


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