Friday, 25 July 2008

Prudence : life in the slow lane

breakfast , originally uploaded by Emma Bradshaw.

the beauty of Prudence is that she came with everything, a little cooker with two burners and a grill, a fridge, a 'pop top' bed in her roof and a 'rock and roll' bed {the backseat down}. Everything fitted together really neatly, but you had to be very organised to remember in what order to get everything out and put it away again!

I also loved Prudence's interior decor and homage to the 70's! lots of prints and blue patterns to match her exterior! Although the thing I enjoyed most was the 'slow' way of life that Pru instills in you, you don't travel very fast, you don't need to. Just like a snail you carry everything with you {including the kitchen sink}!


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