Saturday, 10 May 2008

Feather Down Farm

inside the tent , originally uploaded by Emma Bradshaw.

Just come back from an enchanting holiday with Featherdown Farms, in gorgeous tents, with woodburning stoves, bluebells outside the door, candles for light in the evening, aaahhhh peace and quiet? Well apart from the boys, who played with the water pump, waited and waited for the chickens to lay them an egg, made friends and had great adventures. I miss it already!


  1. Oh, that looks lovely!

    Hello. Just stumbled across your blog. Look forward to reading it more.

  2. it looks like so much fun! i loved all of the pictures on flickr. wonderful.

  3. This looks like the proper way to camp, Emma. Have you seen Amy Butler's Midwest Modern book, by chance? There is a section on "civilized camping." I'd bet you would appreciate it.


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