Friday, 25 April 2008

I'll just rest my sleepy head...

the end of a busy week for all of us. Events and worry at work, children's parties to organise, school starting again after the Spring holidays. Our little family takes a while to gear up and prepare for busy times and even longer to settle back down to a routine again. Sometimes it feels as if we don't have a daily rhythm at all and just react to the demands placed upon us.

I tend to monitor this by the 'state of the house' if we are out a lot, holidays, evening work etc... the house general starts to fall apart. Washing ends up in piles; to be washed, needs to be ironed, sorted, unsorted to be put away. This results in morning raids of piles around the house as we hunt for a pair of socks - where do the odd ones go? We are used to living like this, but I often fantacise of storage where every thing has a place - I'm sure if every item of clothing we own was to be put away there wouldn't be enough space in the house and that a certain amount always needs to be in the cycle!

We are currently at the end of a birthday week, we are all a little weary and there are piles of clothes everywhere! But it is a sign of good times and we will use this weekend to restore ourselves again.

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