Monday, 10 March 2008

road trip

road trip, originally uploaded by Emma Bradshaw.

There is a horrible storm outside with gales of up to 80 miles an hour - so what better than a bit of holiday road trip planning!

Plus a secret passion revealed - I LOVE maps, I could quite happily spent hours poured over an ordnance survey map if I was allowed!


  1. I see you are going to NOrth Norfolk - amazing the location of many holidays for me in the past. Make sure you go to Burnham Overy Staithe - lovely (or it was) and such a lovely name!

  2. hey, that looks like our van! i wish we were cruising across the uk! and i share your passion for maps. i had a teacher who introduced them to our fourth grade class. it was imperative that we could read them and fold them correctly. bless you, fourth grade teacher man!

  3. Well spotted Sarah! Just planning it - so all recommendations are very welcome as we haven't been there ever! Great name indeed, will add it to the list - do you have any top birding tips?

    and Tricia, unfortunately I can open them, read them and navigate - but can I fold them up? only in a room with loads of space - never whilst in the car!

  4. dear emma,

    in advance i have to excuse for my broken english. i want to ask a favour of you, namely:

    i am organizing a non-commercial holiday camp in portugal for kids in germany (my country of origin). therefor i need to design an advertising flyer. would you be so generous to let me use your road trip photo for it?

    if so: would you be kind enough to send me the photo in a larger (original) format? due to our small budget it is unfortunately not possible to pay you a compensation. as soon as the flyer is ready i would send you an inspection copy - if you actually wanna get it.

    please think about and post your answer here. i will check back later.

    many thanks!



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