Sunday, 23 March 2008

easter egg hunt

treasure , originally uploaded by Emma Bradshaw.

hunting for Easter eggs in the garden, which lasted minutes! - small garden mind you. They were very good and allowed one egg before lunch and one after.

This celebration typifies one of my biggest annoyances as a parent - this over indulgent society that we live in - children don't need chocolate and fancy toys all the time, exposed to it they come to expect it and not appreciate it. Years ago chocolate was a luxury and therefore a treat - today it is asked for everytime you go into a food shop or cafe. I remember my son coming away from a party when he was two with a goody bag that I let him have in the car whilst driving home. Only to get him out and find wrappers from seven sugar packed sweets and chocolate cake - I couldn't get him down from the ceiling for the rest of the day!

Whilst I am on a role there is only one thing that annoys me more than this and that is PACKAGING - especially if the toy is plastic and shipped from China - you go through layers of cardboard, then plastic then ties just to get to a toy that needs batteries and will end up unloved at the bottom of the toybox broken! It's the parents fault, you are now judged by what present you take to a party and the unwritten rules state it always has to be bigger and more expensive than the cost of the goody bag!

I sound very very ungrateful - but I am always looking at the BIGGER picture - as parents we may not be able to afford these guys university fees, driving lessons, a car, or help them with a mortgage. I think we should put all this money into a money box and buy something saved up for, to treasure or as an investment for the future. They are not going without, children don't know rich or poor when they are young all they crave is attention and love from their family and that is the only wealth that they need - Plus we will help to save the environment at the same time in not buying over packaged toys and we all need to do that. That's the end of my Easter sermon!


  1. Well said, Emma. I couldn't agree more. Thing is ... at the end of this day, easter sunday, even though I agree, I caved and my kids' baskets contained more packaged things than I'd like to admit. Clearly something I need to work toward. Lovely baskets you have. Happy Easter!

  2. Molly - it is vitually impossible not to and my boys are still little so they haven't caught on to the fact that I am hiding most of what they find (and eating a few myself!). Happy easter to you too ;-)


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