Friday, 28 March 2008

being less than perfect

being less than perfect, originally uploaded by Emma Bradshaw.

I am far from perfect and spend way too much time at work and on flickr! - so I carry a lot of guilt and stress. I take only the nice pictures of our lives - I keep meaning to start "the flip side" group with pictures of what is going on behind me - such as crayon on the wall, crumbs on the floor, dust around the skirting board and two boys wrestling over toys. But I am a firm believer that dirt is good and playing with children is the best thing you can do, the housework can wait! (although I use that excuse way too much). This picture is the kitchen on a relatively tidy day! the "dangerous" shelf which is home to swords that have been used too realistically, broken toys waiting to be glued or mended and some wooden eggs that turned into missiles. The blackboard with shopping list on to aid my memory, although it is hard to explain now to a one year old that you can't write on EVERY wall! and the piles of paperwork that pile up everywhere around the house, things we are reading, articles we want to keep, pictures that inspire us - each one of us hoards treasure in a different way!

It's funny one of my little man's school friends was teasing him yesterday that he didn't watch the Simpsons (he is 4!) and it started a panic in me! - is he being teased at school? do people think we are strange parents and he is missing out? Are we being over protective and not letting him grow up as quickly? Should we have sent him to a Steiner school where there are parents who share the same values as we do? I know I monitor what he watches on TV - usually David Attenborough natural history programmes and avoid anything superhero branded and Disney, but is this all that is talked about in the playground? - all these worries. I feel inside we are doing the right thing even if it feels as if we are little fish swimming against a big current.


  1. y two cents...keep em young and innocent as long as humanly possible...Yr doing a fantastic job- I read yr blog!
    no stress- we moms have enough xo

  2. Emma you are doing a great job, and don't ever think otherwise. Stuff the hordes of sheep (not the fluffy variety!) that our world is filled with. If your family want to be different they should be commended for it and encouraged.....Just remember to enjoy life - guilt is a wasted energy.

  3. I love this post, especially the line, "dirt is good and the best thing you can do is play with children." I live by that. Love the picture of your kitchen, too.


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