Saturday, 16 February 2008

We were looking in a few charity shops this morning and found two flat caps. Alfie wanted us to buy them straight away as "that's what Farmer's wear mummy, and we can wear them to the Farmer's market", so we did and do you know, there were no Farmer's in caps at the Market!

We also found a scooter in good condition in one shop so we asked the price and bought it for £2.50 much to Alfie's delight at finding so much treasure in one day, until we got outside and a mum with young boy said "that's ours we left it in the shop, they shouldn't have sold it to you". I explained to Alfie how daft the boy was to leave it and that we would go into the shop and get our money back and give the boy back his scooter, which Alfie did without complaining once, despite having fallen in love with his new scooter. I couldn't believe how understanding he was of the situation, sometimes he is a wise old soul, many years ahead of his age.


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