Tuesday, 19 February 2008

being Proud

Today I was proud, of my husband, who despite working full time, and having the demands of a two year old child and new baby on the way (and demanding wife of course!) embarked upon a two year MSc (Master of Science) postgrad in Ecology and today he graduated from Bristol University. Today I was also proud of my eldest son Alfie, who at the grand old age of four sat through a long graduation ceremony, despite a few fidgets here and there. Three people stopped me to tell me what a credit he was to me! Sometimes a complete strangers words can stop you in your tracks and make you realise just what you have right under your nose, and I have a beautiful, kind, well mannered, creative and energetic boy. I vowed right there and then to stop more often and acknowledge this and celebrate him much more x


  1. Well done Pete!
    Congratulations from accross the miles
    With best wishes from
    Sarah (in Spain)

  2. Great to hear from you Sarah, I will pass on your kind wishes to Pete. Email me and let me know how you are getting on, emma


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