Tuesday, 2 September 2014


We have just enjoyed the most amazing weekend in what is quite possibly the best glampsite in the UK, and we've visited a few over the years! We stayed in Rusty the Tin Tent, which has been ingeniously converted from a shipping container and even starred in George Clarke's Amazing Spaces on Channel 4. Let me give you a tour...

The bunk beds are at one end of the container and are so comfy with huge sprung mattresses, Egyptian bed linen and recycled wool blankets. The beds are made from scaffolding and the boys had the bottom bunk whilst us adults got the top bunk for once, they were so snug.

At the other end of the container was the wood burning stove, this was the easiest stove I think I've used, with plenty of kindling to get the fire started and a joy to cook on. You can cook in the large oven and on the top plate too or just use it to warm your toes in the evening. In the meadow there was a wood store with plenty of kindling and wood for little helpers to keep the fire blazing into the evening. Rusty would certainly keep campers warm even in the coldest Winters, definitely an all year round tent. 

On the decking outside was a huge hammock that we all fought over for most of the weekend, it was never empty with either the children swinging like monkeys in it or me trying to have a quiet snooze!

In the meadow is an enchanting honesty shop, full of scrumptious local food from Ann's Pasties made on the Lizard, tubs of Roskilly's ice cream, bacon and sausages from the local farm, milk and beans. All the things you need for the perfect English breakfast before a day on a the beach and you can even book surf lessons too.

On the back of the container was a bathroom and kitchen stocked with everything you could possibly need during your stay. The shower room was surrounded by corrugated tin and housed a huge shower and the loo next door had a pedestal for the basin made from a tree trunk. 

Outside in the seven acre meadow were two other large tents sharing the field and also a small woodland with another hammock, rope swing and den in it. Next door there was a second field with sea views and a large communal fire pit and seating area to watch the sun go down. It would be amazing to hire all three for a large family holiday or reunion. 

The children made themselves at home quickly and roamed freely, discovering wildlife from the huge crickets (pictured below) that chirped so loudly at night to the bountiful hedgerows laden with blackberries. 

We had intending to make a loose jam with the blackberries to pour over our ice cream for pudding, but the babe ate most of them before I could even peg it across the field!

In the evening we all sat outside gazing at all the stars in the sky, it was so clear you could see millions, and I thought to myself that this would be the most amazing place to stay to watch the Perseid meteor shower in early August. As the fire blazed we sat cuddled up in the blankets and watched the bats dart past before returning inside for some family games of cards. 

The tin tent is situated near Mullion on the Lizard and the interior design complimented the surrounding landscape beautifully, with muted blues, browns and greys just like on the rugged coastline and beautiful villages nearby.

The boys really enjoyed the open fire pits and toasted marshmallows and we discovered 'smores on a stick' also known as toasted teacakes!

It really was the most perfect weekend and a great final summer fling before we go back to the hum-drum busy daily routine of work and school.

We stayed at Rusty the Tin Tent courtesy of Classic Glamping, holidays start from £444 and bookings are now being taken for 2015, I wanted to move in, I'd have stayed forever!

Monday, 25 August 2014


We love Sundays, where we can potter about at a more leisurely pace, playing and baking. Whilst the babe played very loudly on the keyboard, I tried out a new plum and frangipane tart recipe that was absolutely delicious. 

My mum always used to make plum crumble when I was a child and she'd always keep the stones in and count them out as we discovered them; tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor, rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief! 

Sunday, 24 August 2014


Have you discovered the new storytelling App Steller yet? It's fab and oh so simple to use uploading pics and video into pages and collections.

I've made a couple of stories already, you can see them here, I think just like Instagram I may become addicted! 

Saturday, 23 August 2014


My lovely friend Andy Lovell has an open studio this bank holiday weekend and today I visited to have a look around his gorgeous studio in his beautiful Painswick garden, near Stroud. I love his prints, often in muted colours they look so textured. Starting from £50 Andy's prints are affordable art and for people like me who yearn to own some 'grown up' art, are a great first collectors pieces. His studio is usually only open one weekend a year so if you are local do visit this weekend, 10-6 Sunday and 10-2 on Bank Holiday Monday. I might go back tomorrow as I can't stop thinking about the beautiful cliffs, pictured above, they would look perfect on my wall.


I love our local Farmers' market and the seasonal flowers in particular, my treat each week is a bunch from the lovely flower man. This is the time of year for dark dahlias too, one of my favourite flowers.

Friday, 22 August 2014


When we were asked by Zizzi's Restaurant to discover their new kids bambini menu and the boys and I were really excited.

Upon arrival at our nearest restaurant we were greeted by sheets of stickers and chefs hats to decorate with a pot of colourful crayons. The boys loved this the most as whilst they were thinking how to decorate the hats a small pot of carrot, cucumber and dough sticks were brought to the table and they started munching straight away. When the boys finished decorating their hats they were taken up to the chefs who then wore them for the evening, much to our delight.

The boys ordered the make-your-own pizzas, and two margarita pizzas promptly arrived with a small pot of ham, tomato and olives for them to decorate them. They then followed this with the Zizzi Bambini mini cones which came with a little pot of chocolate coated popping candy to decorate the ice cream with. I chose the rigatoni carbonara which was delicious with a mozerella and tomato salad followed by a chocolate melt.

To finish they enjoyed a chocacino, which were included in the kids bambini menu price of just £6.75.

The busy Zizzi's restaurant and open kitchen with huge pizza oven above. They are also running an online competition to win a free meal if you tag your pictures taken in the restaurant with #ZizziBambini which of course we had to do!

Wednesday, 20 August 2014


The boys enjoyed a circus skills workshop today and took great delight learning the trapeze. I secretly fancied a go myself but I really don't have any upper body strength! Maybe we can all learn and run away with the circus.
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